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AUTUMN 2018:

The Algonkian Workshop with Michael Neff was fantastic! I'll be agent shopping in the new year with a thriller called "The Cherry Blossom Gene" inwhich an American Park Ranger and a Japanese librarian must work together to unravel past secrets to save the future.

Meanwhile, 9/29/18 is the Fredericksburg Book Festival- stop by and say hi!

October MyKu releases 10/5/2018 with foreword by Collette Caprara.

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See everyone soon!   --APRIL

August 2018

Summer is flying by!

Upcoming events include: 

  • The Algonkian Writer's Retreat
  • Fredericksburg Book Festival
  • James River Writing Conference 
  • Roanoke Author Invasion 

It's shaping up to be a busy autumn as the MyKu books continue to come out every first Friday and my own stories and novels are taking shape.  


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Writer's Philosophy

All writers have their obstacles to overcome.  Our ambition is sometimes too great, our self esteem sometimes too slow, our effort often so much less than the work required to manifest ideas into stories and create paper bound versions of those stories for others to read.  Ideas are easy, imagining is fun, manifesting is torturous work.

June 2018

Updating this website,, and the new Bair Ink site is on my to-do list along with continuing the publication of my late mother's MyKu books. So far 6 of 12 are available with MyKu Nana (volume #7) set to release early July.

Sadly, Tanya Richey succumbed to cancer earlier this month.  Her creative spirit could no longer be contained by a mere mortal body.  

My work as a writer also continues as I travel to the Dublin Writers' Convention to evolve my craft and meet wonderful new people.


Wow!  Time slips by when life happens... since April 2015 I've moved from Japan to Germany and abruptly returned to the United States to support my mother while she battles an aggressive cancer.  I continue to build my portfolio writing daily even if only for thirty minutes.  My work on The Path to Yes and the Hundred Hour Approach continues and my fiction writing marches forward one paragraph at a time.  

APRIL 2015:
Cherry blossoms blooming in Japan and around the world have inspired a new short story:  Attack of the Killer Cherry Blossoms.

deas are easy, imagining is fun, but manifesting is torturous work!

The 100 Hour Approach is moving steadily towards publication and my tour of the 33 Kanto Temples continues to inspire so please "
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p.S.    Explore something every day and the world will open doors for you.

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Suggested Events for Fans and Writers

Roanoke Regional Writers Conference, VA

Balticon in Balitimore MD

Kawaii Writers Conference, HI

Dublin Writers' Conference, Ireland

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